NEWS: Herbartis is presented to the Councillor of the Piedmont Region for education, work and training

Councillor Regional Giovanna Pentenero visited the MÚSES. On this occasion it was presented the Herbartis project that has received acclaim by the Councillor.

Giovanna Pentenero, Councillor of the Piedmont Region for education, work and training, visited Saturday, February 13 the Muses, the new European Academy of essences made in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Taffini of Acceglio in Savigliano.

Bright sunshine welcomed the Deputy Mayor with the Mayor Claudio Cussa and a delegation of Chiara Ravera, Municipal Councillor for Culture, and the Association of the Savoy Lands represented by Vice President Sergio Soave, the Prosecutor and the Director Umberto Pecchini Elena Cerutti.

The new Director of the ‪#‎Múses‬, Roberta Conzato, led the group into the magical sensory journey of scents and flavors; Professor Loredana De Robertis explained the history of the Palace frescoes.

The Pentenero, expressing a lively appreciation for what has been observed and innovation inherent in the project, he later entertained the relationship between the Piedmont Region and Muses aimed at creating training and employment opportunities in the territory, including through business incubators, building a chain of medicinal herbs.

A key role was acknowledged in the commitment of the Savoy Lands, with many international partners, the European funding projects: from Herbartis the project under the Erasmus + KA2 Action (2015-2018) already approved under implementation with Spain, Portugal and France for the training of adult staff on the transformation of herbs and other projects at application stage in order to increase the competitiveness of companies in the chain of aromatic and medicinal plants.


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