TRAINING: course on food sensory analysis in Catalonia (Spain)


Anàlisi sensorial (Sensory analysis)

Dates: 1, 9 and 15th June 2016

Place: Barcelona (Spain)

Content:  the applications of sensory analysis to the agrofood sector are countless, from developing new products to improve the quality of the existing ones. This course aims at providing tools to understand the basis of the panel test and its importance as a food quality parameter.


  • Introduction to the sensory analysis: definition and importance, consumers vs tasters, relation between stimulus and perception, sensory attributes, thresholds and elementary tastes, and factors that influence the sensory response.
    Discriminate sensory testing. Oil tasting.
  •  Running the sensory analysis: the tasting room, samples, evaluation method, the tasting panel.
    Formation of a tasting panel: recruitment, selection, training and verification.
    Fruit and derivatives tasting.
  • The descriptive tests: flavor and texture profiles, and profile QDA elective. Sensory references. Tasting cured ham.

Language: Catalan.

Price: 32 €

Information for registration:

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