REPORT: Existing training on production of herbs

plantació arnica Taüll primv 015 (4)

The aim of HERBARTIS project is to achieve the professional development of adult learners by developing
useful tools and methods, by the improvement of the offer of high quality learning opportunities, and validating the non-formal learning and career guidance in order to face the different aspects of herbal production (processing, safety aspects, norms and procedures, marketing, etc.).

In order to propose a new service complementary to the
other existing education offers it is important to know the effective number, quality and level of the education
proposal already active. So, a survey about the existing trainings proposed in the countries involved in the project, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France, and in a more specific way in the Regions object of the project (Catalonia, Piedmont, Ligura, Alentejo and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), was implemented.

There was stated that medicinal plants are the subject of studying in Pharmacy faculties, and MAPs are usually not a subject of agronomical or food technology courses. For this reason, trainings related to MAPs production in food sector is provided mainly by informal or occasional courses and trainings.

In 2015 sixty occasional trainings were organized in the countries involved in HERBARTIS project. The great majority of them was organized in Catalonia (Spain), just few in Portugal, Italy and France.

Data analysed showed an increasing interest in MAP production and trainings and the necessity to held new courses for producers and other stakeholders in the field of herbal products. In fact, in these regions, the number of trainings and courses for producers are still too low to face the increasing MAP production and interest.

See reports (Guidelines of training methodologies and policy recommendations for qualification of herbal craft’s production – chapter 2)

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