MOBILITY: Herbartis students visit several MAPs farms in Alentejo (Portugal)

Between 14 and 18th November 2016 took place the first mobility of the HERBARTIS course in Portugal, where students from France , Italy , Portugal and Spain had the possibility of meet and share experiences.

The 15th November, the group met at the facilities of ADRAL – Regional Development Agency of Alentejo,


and then visited two farms of medicinal and aromatic plants :

Be Aromatic in Louredo

imgp0186 imgp0189 imgp0197 imgp0214  imgp0228

and Aromaticas de Palma in S. Manços.

  imgp0246 imgp0251 imgp0257 imgp0263 imgp0275 imgp0245

The 16th November, the students visited three other MAPs farms working in organic:

Canteiro da Luz, in Luz

imgp0280 imgp0286 imgp0299 imgp0303 imgp0310 imgp0324

the farm of António José Benigno in Almareleja, where could see a solar dryer prototype

 imgp0332 imgp0336 imgp0343 imgp0349

and Monte do Menir, in Barrada

imgp0361 imgp0368 imgp0382

Finally, on 17th November the Herbartis students joined the Seminar addressed  to the Small farms of MAPs: the challenges of sustainability, where different Portuguese producers participated

imgp0384 imgp0385 imgp0386

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