MOBILITY: second transnational mobility in Provence (France)

Between 23 and 27th January 2017 took place the second mobility of the HERBARTIS course in France, where several students from France , Italy , Portugal and Spain had the possibility of meet and share experiences.

The 24th January, the group met at the facilities of the Université Européenne Senteurs & Saveurs (UESS).


img_20170124_131909 img_20170126_100422

2017-01-26-herbartis-uess9 img_20170126_104517

and then visited two farms of medicinal and aromatic plants :

The farm of Laurent Despieds in Mane, who cultivates mainly thyme for selling at the cooperative and also produce bundles.

img_20170124_105955 img_20170124_111655img_20170124_120803 img_20170124_123801

img_20170124_120913 img_20170124_112119

Les Serres de Segries, in Liman: a MAPs nursery:

img_20170124_151345 img_20170124_150400 wp_20170124_15_24_02_pro

img_20170124_163705 wp_20170124_15_49_10_pro

The 25th January, the students visited the Cooperative Les Aromates de Provence, in Trets. There are doing the processing of the dry herbs (thyme, savory, oregano and rosemany) of around 40 producers:

img_20170125_094445 img_20170125_094936

img_20170125_103956 2017-01-24-herbartis-trets2

and the farm of one the member of the cooperative:

img_20170125_113454 wp_20170125_11_46_46_pro

and at the end of the day, the Senteurs des Collines, in Gréoux les Bains:

2017-01-25-herbartis-trets5 2017-01-25-herbartis-trets3

 2017-herbartis-099 2017-herbartis-115

Finally, on 26th January the Herbartis students joined the UESS to work in groups on MAPs transformation issues, and attended a Seminar abouth the MAPs sector (economy and transformation) in France, with the participation of France Agrimer, UESS and CRIEPPAM experts.


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