TRAINING: Practical workshop on packaging and labelling of aromatic plants

imgp0422 imgp0424

Last 17th February 2017, the second practical workshop of the on-line course HERBARTIS in Spain, was held in the facilities of IRTA, in Monells (Girona): Packaginf of aromatic plants.


During the seminar different aspects were treated:

  • Packaging materials.
  • Packaging systems.
  • Labeling addressed to the aromatic plants sector

imgp0425 imgp0433

Elsa Lloret (expert in packaging materials of the IRTA) did a clear and very interesting presentation of the current materials available in the market for food packaging, describing their functions and the most useful for herbal teas and/or spices, and linking with the different packaging systems. M. Dolors Guàrdia, from IRTA, jointly with Eva Moré (CTFC) discussed the application of the European Regulation on information provided to the consumer in the labelling, the obliged and voluntary information and the specificities for herbal teas and/or spices. Finally, the participants brought several products and some of them where analysed according to the previous data.

imgp0428 imgp0429



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