EVENT: Herbartis Final Seminar in Barcelona

Training for craftsmen manufacturing aromatic plants: project ERASMUS+ HERBARTIS

Technical seminar

Date: 27th June 2017

Place: Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat – Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Town and Country Planning and Sustainability – Government of Catalonia),

Av. Diagonal, 525 – 08029 BARCELONA

Content: The project ERASMUS+ HERBARTIS has developed a guidelines of methodologies for reaching a quality professional training addressed to adult people, by implementing a transnational pilot course (Spain, France, Italy and Portugal) of Handicraft production of food herbal products. In this seminar all the obtained results will be presented, with examples of other similar trainings in Spain and some recommendations for the future of the formal professional qualification of this training.

This seminar is speciallay addressed to:

  • Trainers of the agrofood scope.
  • Medicinal and aromatic producers.
  • Administration technicians working withe technology transfer and rural development.


9.00 h     Welcome of participants.

9.30 h     Welcome. Mr. Josep Pena, director of Territorial Services of Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food – Government of Catalonia.

10.00 h   Seminar and Erasmus+ HERBARTIS Project presentation.

11.00 h   Formal framework for HERBARTIS training: certificate of professional qualification. Mrs. Manuela Merino, Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications, Department of Education – Government of Catalonia.

11.30 h   Learning European projects in Spain:

  • Erasmus+ Good Herbs– LifeCitrus Life+project . Mrs. Ana Belén Morales, Agrofood Cluster Murcia.
  • Leonardo Herbalmed.net Mr. José Luis Moreno, Spanish Society for Organic Farming – SEAE.

14.00 h   HERBARTIS pilot course: Handicraft production of herbal food products.

  • Design of the syllabus and materials. Mr. Olivier Bagarri, UESS and Mrs. Clara Lourenço, ADCMoura
  • Results of pilot course in Portugal. Mrs. Clara Lourenço, ADCMoura
  • Results of pilot course in France. Mr. Olivier Bagarri, UESS
  • Results of pilot course in Spain. Mrs. Eva Moré, CTFC
  • Results of pilot course in Italy. Mrs. Elena Cerutti, Terre dei Savoia

17.00 h   Presentation of the Guidelines of training methodologies and policy recommendations for the recognition of HERBARTIS training. Mrs. Barbara Ruffoni, CREA

18.00 h   Future of HERBARTIS course and possibilities for the training centres. Mrs. Eva Moré, CTFC

18.30 h   Seminar’s closure

The seminar’s speeches will be in English and Spanish, and a translation services will be provided.

Registration: CTFC Tel.: 973481644 – A/e: serveis@ctfc.cat

Barcelona_herbartis_270617_179080_eng 2

Barcelona_herbartis_270617_179080_cast 2



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