PUBLICATION: Guidelines book on training methodologies available in different languages

The precious output of ERASMUS+ HERBARTIS, the “Guidelines of training methodologies and policy recommendations for qualification recognition of herbal craft’s production”, is now available in the different languages of the project – Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English. This useful, comprehensive tool is dedicated to all entrepreneurs and students in the field of aromatic herbs…

REPORTS: study visits’ compiling

During transnational mobilities a program of visits to companies dealing with herbs (cooperatives, herbal craftmen, associations, laboratories, etc) was streamlined. After the visits, the learners should write a report about the companies. More information

REPORT: networking conclusions

Different networking activities with learners of different countries were streamlined during transnational mobilities. 4 working subjects related to production, transformation, elaboration and commercialisation of herbal products were decided and learners from different courses and countries were equally distributed. A networking conclusions report was elaborated with the main aspects agreed by each learners group. More information

REPORT: Proceedings of the technical seminars

During the transnational mobilities, a technical seminar was organised in each country in order to meet experts and national stakeholders with the HERBARTIS participating learners. You may find the summaries of the lectures and the evaluation of the learners in the Transnational Technical Seminars’ Proceedings. More information

REPORT: Existing training on production of herbs

The aim of HERBARTIS project is to achieve the professional development of adult learners by developing useful tools and methods, by the improvement of the offer of high quality learning opportunities, and validating the non-formal learning and career guidance in order to face the different aspects of herbal production (processing, safety aspects, norms and procedures,…

REPORT: Specificities of Herbal Craft Production profession

There exist large surfaces for providing Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) raw material to the industry but in the Mediterranean area there are plenty of small-scale farms . Many entrepreneurs have seen herbs as an alternative crop in these areas, however the small productions are not enough to bulk-selling to wholesalers, and decide to elaborate…