Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura


  • Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura
  • Praça Gago Coutinho, 3 – 7860-010 Moura – Alentejo (Portugal)
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ADCMoura is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1993, inspired by the principles of local development, social and solidarity economy and equal opportunities.

ADCMoura pursues the following main objectives:

a) Participate actively in increasing regional competitiveness and innovation, enhancing the integration in a global context while protecting local values, fostering entrepreneurship, enterprise creation and employment;

b) Maintain and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the territory within a framework of responsible use of present and future opportunities for socioeconomic development, especially by intervening in environmental promotion and environmental education among local populations;

c) Contribute to general access to social, cultural and health promotion services;

d) Foster social cohesion and civic participation in the territory, especially among target populations of potentially excluded, with particular attention on issues of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities.

ADCMoura is officially certified as Adult Training Organization since 2001 and is also certified for providing technical support to local entrepreneurship in close cooperation with local authorities and employment centers. ADCMoura is a member of several local, regional and national networks in social, entrepreneurial and rural development thematic areas.

Strategic work areas (Axes) are: Social development; Rural Development and Environment; Education and Training; Entrepreneurial support; Cooperation.

ADCMoura has been working since 1993 for the sustainable development of the Alentejo and of other rural areas, particularly through multi-year, multi-disciplinary and partnership processes, in social, environmental and economic fields. For the last 12 years, MAPs (medicinal and aromatic plants) are subject to wide and diverse work, including training addressing different target groups (unemployed people, entrepreneurs, technicians…), education/ awareness activities with local schools and communities, entrepreneurial support and, since 2011, animation of the MAPs sector (cluster organisation) at national level.