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  • Institut de Recerca i Tecnologies Agroalimentàries
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IRTA is a public research institution, part of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the regional Government of Catalonia, Spain.

IRTA’s mission is to contribute to modernising, improving, boosting competitiveness, and fostering sustainable development in the sectors of: i) agriculture, ii) animal and plant production, iii) food technology, iv) agroforestry, v) aquaculture,vi) fisheries, vii) agro-food economy and vii) environment and global change, with the aim of consolidating a sustainable bio-based economy. Other areas of activity are those which are directly or indirectly related to the supply of healthy, high-quality foodstuffs to end consumers, food safety and safe processing of foodstuffs and in general enhancing the health and well-being of the population. During the year of 2014 IRTA mobilised a total sum of resources of the order of €40M and started a total of 60 new projects, 15 from which are sponsored by international funds (10 new EU projects).

IRTA is a multicenter organisation with 10 centers spread around Catalonia. The IRTA centre involved in HERBARTIS is located in Monells and focuses on the Food Industry, more specifically on food quality and safety, and food processing and technology. This centre is equipped with industrial and pilot size equipment of the most advanced technologies for the production of food products, as well as laboratory facilities to carry out physical chemical and sensorial assessment (trained panel and consumer studies) of fresh and processed food products.

IRTA’s Food Technology Scientific Program (FTSP) contributes to improving the technological and research needs of the food industry through the development of new products and concepts and through the application of innovative and sustainable processing technologies to provide safe, nutritious and convenient food products. A group of 31 researchers and technical staff work jointly with the industry to turn research results into market solutions. The FTSP operates from IRTA – Monells, an outstanding research plant with industrial-scale processing, control and packaging technologies, equipped with cold storage rooms, drying rooms and a clean room for ultra-hygienic food operations.

The FTSP has a consolidated experience in the participation and coordination of collaborative research projects. The Food Technology Scientific Department has a large experience on training both research and private sectors, organising two highly specialised courses each year:
i) the “International course in meat product technology” and ii) the “International course on dry cured meat products”.