Université Européenne Senteurs & Saveurs


  • Université Européenne des Saveurs et Senteurs
  • Couvent des Cordeliers – 04300 Forcalquier – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France)
  • http://www.uess.fr
  • Contact: formation@uess.fr

The UESS is a vocational training centre dedicated to Flavours and Scents, located in Forcalquier in the south of France.

The UESS was founded in 2002 as a consortium of farmers and companies dealing with aromatic and medicinal plants.

The UESS has close to one hundred members and follows 3 main objectives :

Training for people working or wishing to work within Flavours and Fragrances sectors: the UESS provides vocational training courses for people who wish to acquire or validate skills in the manufacture, regulation and commercialization of products from the Flavours and Scents channel. The UESS offers both short professional vocational training courses and long qualifying courses. The UESS is under contract with Aix-Marseille University and hosts a Master of Sensory Analysis. The UESS is also the only institution accredited by the French State for delivering the qualification of Soap maker. In 2014, the UESS hosted 185 people for trainings.

Animation of the National competitiveness cluster of Fragrances and Flavours: the UESS is Deputy President and secondary seat of the National competitiveness cluster of Fragrances and Flavours. This mission consists of encouraging emergent collaborative projects between the private sector (firms) and the public sector (universities, laboratories) on the themes of innovation, research and development, vocational training and employment, and sustainable
development. The Cluster intends to become an international benchmark for identifying, assessing and producing the natural extracts used in the aromatics and cosmetics industry. Another of its main objectives is to “innovate for a sustainable sector”, which means to ensure
that new products launched are ecologically responsible and safe for the consumer and the environment.

Activities for the general public to sensory awareness and education to taste and smell: UESS activities for the general public aimed at promoting a qualitative approach mainly from local products (herbs, fragrances, essential oils) and encourage greater use of the senses through education to taste and smell. This mission is realized through activities such as sensory awareness camps for children, conferences, workshops flavours and scents and internships around taste and smell.

Moreover, from 10 years, UESS is closely working with the main stakeholders in the herbs sector :

– FranceAgriMer (Ministry of Agriculture);
– Comité des plantes à parfum, aromatiques et médicinales (CPPARM)/association of herbs producers;
– Centre Régionalisé d’Expérimentation en Plantes à Parfum, Aromatiques et Médicinales (CRIEPPAM)/ Technical centre on herbs
– Association Interprofessionnelle des Herbes de Provence (species producers association);
– Initial training school in agriculture (Maisons Familiales et Rurales).