Compiling of learners’ reports of study visits

During transnational mobilities a program of visits to companies dealing with herbs (cooperatives, herbal craftmen, associations, laboratories, etc) was streamlined. After the visits, the learners should write a report about the companies, according to a template.

Mobility in Portugal (visit to Canteiro da Luz)

Study visits in Portugal’s mobility:

  • Be aromatic, in Louredo.
  • Aromaticas de Palma, in S. Manços.
  • Canteiro da Luz, in Luz.
  • Monte do Menir, in Barrada.
Mobility in France (visito to Aromates de Provence Coop.)

Study visits in France’s mobility:

  • Laurent Dépieds, in Mane.
  • Les Serres de Segries, in Liman.
  • Coopérative Les Aromates de Provence, in Trets.
  • Senteurs des Collines, in Gréoux les Bains.
Mobility in Spain (Vivers Riera Villagrasa)

Study visits in Spain’s mobility:

  • Vivers Riera Villagrasa, in Premià de Dalt.
  • Parc de les Olors del Serrat, in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana.
  • Bernau Herbes, in Fonolleres.
  • Herbes de la conca, in Espluga de Francolí.
  • Concaromis, in Montblanc.
Mobiltiy in Italy (visit to Valverbe)

Study visits in Italy’s mobility:

  • Valverbe, in Melle.
  • Euphytos, in Rossana.
  • Azienda agraria Anfossi, Albenga.

A compiling of information reported by learners is available here.