Networking conclusions’ report

Different networking activities with learners of different countries were streamlined during transnational mobilities.

Before the transnational mobility, within the e-Learning platform (Virtual Collaboration Space), a virtual networking activity was implemented for preparing the face-to-face networking workshop.

4 working subjects were decided and learners from different courses and countries were equally distributed. Language of discussion was agreed depending on the learners’ language skills.

1st networking workshop in Portugal: PRODUCTION

  • Subject 1_Strategies for sustainable MAP wild harvesting (existing political measures, good practices).
  • Subject 2_Techniques and equipments used for organic cultivation in small farms
  • Subject 3_Cultivating autochthonous plants: how to evaluate market opportunities for little known species.
  • Subject 4_Produced MAP as raw materials for food products: how to meet legal requirements and quality standards.

2nd networking workshop in France: TRANSFORMATION

  • Subject 1_Equipment used for plant harvesting: where to buy it and how can it be adapted to MAP.
  • Subject 2_Drying process: how to do it and when do it.
  • Subject 3_Quality of dry herbs and HACCP: how to create and manage the procedure.
  • Subject 4_Work schedule and production costs: how to plan your work and your income.

3rd newtworking workshop in Spain: ELABORATION

  • Subject 1_LEGISLATION: how to become legal and not ruin?
  • Subject 2_EQUIPMENTS: should be specific or could be adapted from other activities?
  • Subject 3_HERBAL FOOD PRODUCTS: traditional or innovative, what is more sure to produce?
  • Subject 4_HANDICRAFT AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS: is quality really provided?

4th networking workshop in Italy: MARKETING

  • Subject 1_Labeling and health claim: how to build a correct label? General labeling requirement (and for specific chain).
  • Subject 2_Types of advertising on social network: how and what use it?
  • Subject 3_Marketing actions for the MAPs business development.
  • Subject 4_Work schedule and production costs: how to plan your work and your income.

A networking conclusions report was elaborated with the main aspects agreed by each learners group.