4 transnacional training mobilities were implemented (one per participating country) as an essential part of the blended course on herbal carft’s production, for enhancing the transnational collaboration of training organisations, the linguistic skills of learners, the contact with entrepreneurial actvities and the peer-learning, by facilitating the exchange of experiences, the knowledge’s cohesion and the starting of a herbal craftmen’s network.

During these transnational mobilities 3 training activities took place:

Each transnational mobility was devoted to a professional module of the course:

  1.  Mobility in Alentejo, Portugal: PRODUCTION.
  2.  Mobility in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France: TRANSFORMATION.
  3.  Mobility in Catalonia, Spain: ELABORATION.
  4.  Mobility in Liguria and Piedmont, Italy: MARKETING.